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A Tiger Walks

A young girl's faith... A town's raw courage... against a frightened tiger on the loose!
IMDb 6.6 91 min/episode
You are watching A Tiger Walks movie free on 123movies aka 123 movies and 123movies la.This movie was released on 1964-04-12.A tiger escapes from a circus truck as it passes by a small town, and hides itself in the surrounding woods. This throws the town into a panic and everyone wants the animal killed immediately, except for the daughter of the sheriff. She wants to capture the tiger and put it in a zoo, thereby saving the tiger's life. Her determination starts a nationwide campaign among children to raise the money to buy the tiger from the circus, but first, she, her father and an Indian tiger trainer must find the tiger before the National Guard do, who have orders to kill it on sight.
Drama, Family
United States of America
6.6 / 9 times
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